“I have been attending Jan’s Aerobics classes since 1991. I pay a very reasonable price on the evening for each class and it’s not costing me when I cannot attend. I love her approach to the workouts, her choice of music and touches of sarcasm which make me laugh. More recently I attend her Yoga class directly after the aerobics and although I found this quite strenuous to start with I feel it really is doing me good. I hate to miss classes now.”

“I LOVE Jan’s classes, they are always fun, she does a variety, but my favourite is her Stretch and Tone. This class is for mixed ages, however, Jan always works to each person’s individual ability and challenges me personally when I become lazy, but would never push me beyond my capability, just far enough to work me hard !!”

“I have known Jan for a number of years and would definitely recommend her, you always know where you are with her as she calls it as it is; no room for miscommunications. I have been going to Jan’s yoga and exercise classes for several years and they are one of the highlights of the week for me. Jan’s teaching methods are aimed to get the very best out of you no matter what level of fitness and I particularly like her ‘hands on’ approach which ensures you are always moving correctly and looking after your body. I enjoy Jan’s classes so much because you get a really good workout and they are also full of fun and laughter. You leave the class with a smile on your face as well as feeling thoroughly stretched, toned and relaxed.”

“Believe it or not I started going to Jan’s classes back in the 1990s (it may even have been the 1980s but I don’t want to make us both feel ancient!) and enjoyed my first class so much I can still remember it! I became a regular Tuesday night attendee and have gone, on and off, for years – still go occasionally now as I love her no-nonsense approach to aerobics, balanced with a good stretch at the end – all too often this part gets missed off these days with other teachers. A lovely touch unique to Jan is that she’ll often tell a joke mid-stretch causing the whole room to collapse into laughter – what better way to end a session? – I love it Jan – please don’t ever stop!”

“Yoga with Jan is great, she’ll push you, but with humour, and you’ll get a proper workout if you want one. She doesn’t treat the subject with too much reverence so as to remove all the fun like other yoga teachers I’ve known have done, but she appreciates and respects the methods and results of yoga, and certainly knows her stuff.”

“I am amazed at how flexible I turned out to be after attending Jan’s Yoga classes over the last few years. I’ve really enjoyed the classes and they certainly have made me fitter and more bendy. Jan is great at adjusting the level of her instruction to all abilities within the same class. Thank you Jan for making it fun. Di”

“Back in the ’80s – high impact was the ‘must do;’ the ’90s – step / slide; the Millennium – funk, pump and aqua; and now……whatever goes and makes you happy – Pilates, pump, tone, body circuits, yoga and good old aerobics. For those who know Jan, we have seen and tried it all in the classes, with a twist of something else – a Jan-ism!
Definition 1 of Jan-ism = Jan’s interpretation of an aerobics move following attendance at an aerobics convention; and definition 2 = Unique and personal.
Jan is not only an excellent technical instructor, passionate in her delivery and professional approach to the industry, but balances this with fun and humour and ensures that each member of the class leaves with a ‘feel good factor’ and knows they have had a work out!” – Lisa


“Jan inspires you to exercise to your full potential, regardless of what anyone else is achieving, so you get maximum benefit from the class and leave feeling energized and refreshed. Every class I have been to is great value for money. Sarah”

“I have been going to Jan’s Stretch and Tone classes at Theatre Severn for about four years. It can be either a way back into a more intense form of exercise, or a steady workout for those of us in the ‘Autumn’ of our years. Jan ensures at the outset that she has a thumbnail sketch of any physical limitations we might have and so we all know we are in safe hands. Stretch sessions belong in that rare category – both good fun and good for our health and strength.” Geraldine

“I have been attending Jan Phillips classes for many years. I particularly enjoy ‘Stretch, Tone and Relax’, Physical Yoga and aerobics to sounds of the 50s/60s music. Jan’s style of teaching is unique and inclusive to everyone, no matter what your age or fitness level. Her knowledge, enthusiasm for her subject and sense of humour all contribute to ensure her classes are always enjoyable and informative.”

“I have known Jan Phillips for many years, initially as an Instructor whose classes I enjoyed several times a week and then as a colleague taking joint back care and core stability classes.
From the start, as a Physiotherapist I was impressed by her depth of fitness knowledge and her instincts and knowledge of applying back care to her fitness programmes. In her classes everyone is an individual and as such are provided with unrivalled individual attention and care.
A committed and knowledgeable all round Fitness and Physical Yoga Instructor I have no hesitation in recommending Jan Phillips classes to anyone, regardless of age sex or ability. She has something to offer All!!!”

“About four years ago I was going through a difficult time in my life when my daughter found Jan’s Stretch Class in Theatre Severn. Having not been used to doing things on my own, I had to pluck up the courage to go along. From day one it was great. Jan is a superb teacher with just the right level of humour although the exercises are taken seriously and no one is expected to do anything they are uncomfortable with. The class is a very happy one and at the end one feels well ‘stretched’ but relaxed. I thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks Jan.”

“Apart from being totally professional, very approachable and knowledgeable about the fitness industry, Jan’s classes are fun (she is one of the few ladies who can tell a joke the way it should be told). Therefore, it is a great way to spend your leisure time for both body and mind. “

“Best exercise class I have been to. Jan makes exercise fun and a very sociable class.”

“In June 1999 my old exercise class was finishing for the summer break, not wanting two months without exercise I asked around and discovered Jan’s class. I have been with Jan ever since, with her help seeing me through bouts of back pain, which clearly shows her ability.
Any problem Jan will help in adjusting any exercise to suit. The class is enjoyable and friendly, one where I have made many friends.”

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